Picture of Rodger Lea

Rodger Lea

Director (Interim), Knowledge Mobilization

Adjunct Professor
The University of British Columbia

Currently adjunct Professor at the University of British Columbia and Visiting Researcher at the University of Lancaster, Dr. Rodger Lea splits his time between research in Ubiquitous/Pervasive Computing and advising small technology startups.

Dr. Lea brings to bear over 15 years in industrial research and technology innovation, most recently as Vice President and Director of US distributed system lab, located in Silicon Valley, CA. In this capacity, Dr. Lea aided in developing advanced technologies to support broadband media strategy including research and development in areas such as future media presentation formats, media delivery and caching, digital and interactive TV, home networking and peer to peer infrastructure technologies. This research generated over 100 international patents and delivered technology into a number of major products ranging from Sony's interactive set-top boxes, to the Sony PDAs and High Definition TV systems.